Renewed Body Massage & WELLNESS,LLC

About Me

Everyone has a purpose in life. Unfortunately, we spend years trying to figure out what we were placed on earth to do. I’ve obtained a Bachelor degree in Business Management and Accounting and have always held a steady job in the corporate world.  However, I always felt there was something else I should be doing with my imagelife.

When I first began my training in massage therapy I was a little unsure this was something I wanted to do, until I got deeper into my studies.  After discovering all the true benefits massage therapy had to offer, my appreciation grew as well as the gratification of knowing I’ve finally found what I was called to do… making a difference in the lives’ of people through the power of touch.

I am now a South Carolina State licensed massage therapist and owner of Renewed Body Massage & Wellness, LLC. 

I welcome you to my practice and would be delighted to join you in your journey to a healthier you.